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Graduate Tutoring

In addition to offering walk-in tutoring for any graduate student, we now offer both ONLINE and FACE TO FACE graduate tutoring BY APPOINTMENT.

At any time, graduate students may walk into the Writing Center for shorter papers; tutorial sessions will be conducted with any of the available Writing Center staff. See the menu on the left for our open days/hours.  However, graduate students may schedule a tutorial session with a graduate tutor by appointment for longer papers. (Graduate tutors are experienced and skilled tutors who have worked in the Writing Center for three years with students from a variety of different disciplines.)

During the Spring 2016 and Summer 2016 semesters (May 16 - June 23 and July 11 - August 10), the Writing Center will have one-hour graduate appointments on Sundays from 7-9 pm for online sessions, and Wednesdays, 5-7 pm for face-to-face sessions, held in the Writing Center.(Note: because we believe the best tutoring occurs in face-to-face sessions, we encourage you to make an appointment to come into the Writing Center if possible.)

To make an appointment for a tutorial session, click here.

If you have any questions about or graduate tutoring, please contact Helen Raica-Klotz, Writing Center Director, at or via phone, (989) 964-6062.

Writing Center mentoring is not appropriate for masters theses or capstone projects; please contact your faculty advisor for assistance with these.

Scheduling a Graduate Tutorial Session