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Our Writing Center tutors are a great resource—they can help you brainstorm, organize, and develop ideas, or work on documentation and formatting. Stop by anytime we're open to meet with one of our tutors and talk about your writing!

A headshot of Caroline Sawatzki, a peer tutor

Caroline Sawatzki

Electrical Engineering major
Mathematics & Japanese minors

Life Goal:
Prove engineers CAN write

A headshot of Hannah Mose, a student employee

Hannah Mose

Professional & Technical Writing major

Key Thought: 
Never do today that which you can put off until tomorrow

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A headshot of Natalie Delemeester, a student employee

Natalie Delemeester

Biology major 
Chemistry minor

Best SVSU experience: 

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A headshot of Lizzy Kennedy, a student employee

Lizzy Kennedy

Professional & Technical Writing major
English & Sociology minors

Pro Tip: 
Stay hydrated with excellent coffee

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A headshot of Caroline Helmstadt, a peer tutor

Caroline Helmstadt

English Education major
Biology Education minor

Pro Tip:
Take time to be outdoors

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A headshot of Matt Chappel, a peer tutor

Matthew Chappel

English Literature major 
  Sociology minor

Fun fact: 
Visited countries on 5 continents

Brianna Vanderstelt

Psychology major 
Criminal Justice minor

Fun fact: 
In high school, I was named "most likely to survive a zombie apocalpse"

Hillary Degner

Professional Tutor

Kelli Fitzpatrick

Professional Tutor

Emma Koscielski

Psychology major 
History minor

Favorite rainy-day activity: 
Reading books and watching documentaries

Lauren Huebner

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy student

Favorite rainy-day activity: 
Reading or painting

Ashlee VanZee

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy student

Favorite summer activity: 
Participating in equestrian competitions and training

A headshot of Judith Cox, assistant professor of nursing

Judith Cox

Teacher in the Center


James Bowers

Teacher in the Center

Darlene Carey

Teacher in the Center








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