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Learn Workday Terminology

The transition to Workday will include adopting some new language and acronyms.

A combination of dashboards and worklets. You can take actions and view analytics and custom reports all within configured and pre-configured apps.

Business Process (BP)
A business process in Workday is a set of tasks that people initiate, act upon, and complete to accomplish a desired business objective.

Pre-configured pages that include tasks, graphs, and menus are specific to a functional area, like Talent Management or Workforce Planning.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)
Employee access to Workday functions via pre-determined worklets on their personal homepage.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
A software system that helps businesses manage their core processes and activities by integrating different business functions into one system. This allows for better communication and data flow between departments.

A transaction that occurs within your organization, such as hiring or terminating a worker.

Financials (FIN)
Part of Workday Platform pertaining to financial & accounting functions such as accounts, budgeting, accounts receivable, and purchasing.

Functional Area
Grouping of tasks, reports, and objects. Example: The HCM solution includes functional areas such as Benefits, Talent & Performance, Absence and Manager or Employee self-service. Each of the Workday solutions (like Workday HCM and Workday Financial Management) is grouped into distinct functional areas.

Your default page containing applications, search, notifications, Inbox, and your profile icon main menu.

Human Capital Management (HCM)
Part of Workday Platform pertaining to human resources functions such as hiring, benefits, performance management and training.

Manager Self-Service (MSS)
Manager access to Workday self-service tasks and reports via pre-determined worklets on their personal homepage.

Payroll, Absence, Time Tracking and Scheduling (PATTS)
Part of Workday Platform pertaining to functions related to payroll processing, time tracking, leave requests and vacation accruals.

Quick Reference Guide (QRG)
A step-by-step job aid or instructions with related screen captures.

Student Information System (SIS)
Software and data that provides a core system of record for higher education institutions. Academic records, personal information and financial aid are examples of data that are often maintained in a SIS.

Subject Matter Expert (SME)
A person who has a deep understanding of a topic based upon experience and education.

A tenant is a "Workday Instance" in the Workday cloud, providing the necessary cloud computing services (servers and data) to run the Workday application for SVSU.

Workday Platform
Also called Platform is a suite of applications for finance, HR, payroll, talent management, time tracking, analytics and planning. Platform includes Financial Planning (FIN), Human Capital Management (HCM), Payroll, Absence, Time Tracking and Scheduling (PATTS). 

Mini applications (or widgets) for performing different tasks. Some worklets are added to everyone's Workday home page, others are added depending on your job's needs, and still others are optional worklets that you add yourself.