1. I need to make a change on my website. How do I get access to do this?

Chances are, someone in your department has access to make the changes. If there is, changes may be submitted to them. If you need access to Terminal Four, please contact Holly LaRose-Roenicke in Web Communications (ext. 4251) to request access to Terminal Four.

2. Where can I get help in Terminal Four, the CMS for the website?

For those who have been through the Introduction to Terminal Four training, and you need help making changes in Terminal Four, you are encouraged to bring your edits to 'T4 Tuesdays' held at the ITD Lab every Tuesday at 11 a.m. Here, experts are available to sit beside you as you make your necessary edits.

Training materials are also online:

Terminal 4 Style Guide (342kB). This style guide gives tips on saving documents and image files for the web, writing tips
Terminal 4 Moderator How-To Guide (483kB)Basic training document for T4
Terminal 4 Content Types (2,756kB). Instructions and examples of over 20 content templates available for use in T4.

3. What resources are available for the creation and hosting of video?

The in-house resource for video production at SVSU is the video production services run by the Instructional Technology Center. The Video Production office tapes events, lectures, class projects as well as creative, professionally produced quality videos to market SVSU.

The time commitment to produce a video can be quite intense. If you are considering adding video to your site, please contact Video Production or Web Communications. 

4. How do I set up a personal website at SVSU?

Each student and employee at SVSU has web space available to them to create a personal website or portfolio. To find out how to set up a personal website go to Personal Web Space under the ITS website.

5. How does a Registered Student Organization (RSO) create a website?

Student Life uses OrgSync, under which RSO's can create websites for their groups or clubs. If you are with an RSO on campus, contact Student Life to get access to OrgSync.

Academic Program Assessment Form (73kB)