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Meet Our Club Red Campus Ambassadors

Hello, we are the Club Red Tour Ambassador's at Saginaw Valley State University! We look forward to sharing our RED PRIDE with you as you come to visit campus! We are also eager to show you everything that SVSU has to offer; read all about us to see what you can become involved in too!

  • Monica Terry Monica Terry

    Major: Accounting
    Home Town: Corunna, MI

  • Tyler Bradley Tyler Bradley

    Major: Graphic Design
    Minors: Spanish & Professional Technical Writing
    Home Town: Croswell, MI

  • Marianna Cuevas Marianna Cuevas

    Major: Communication
    Minor: Marketing
    Home Town: Manchester, MI

  • Kacie Miller Kacie Miller

    Major: Elementary & Special Education
    Minors: English & Math
    Home Town: Williamston, MI

  • Katherine Ross-Patrick Katherine Ross-Patrick

    Major:Elementary Education
    Home Town: Beaufort, SC

  • Chelsea Hummel Chelsea Hummel

    Major: Social Work
    Minor: Interdisciplinary Studies
    Home Town: Clio, MI

  • Melissa Jones Melissa Jones

    Major: Exercise Science
    Minor: Psychology
    Home Town: Utica, MI

  • Tyler Manning Tyler Manning

    Major: Political Science & Criminal Justice
    Minor: Legal Philosophy
    Home Town: Davison, MI

  • Sam Hudson Sam Hudson

    Major: English Education
    Minor: Spanish Education
    Home Town: Harbor Beach, MI

  • Olixey Kryvych Olixey Kryvych

    Major: Theatre
    Minor: Communication
    Home Town: Leslie, MI

  • Dylan Kosaski Dylan Kosaski

    Major: Biochemistry
    Home Town: Stanwood, MI

  • Chelsea Brown Chelsea Brown

    Major: Business Management
    Home Town: Merrill, MI

  • Tom Sutherland Tom Sutherland

    Major: Economics, Finance, & International Business
    Minor: Legal Studies
    Home Town: Carsonville, MI

  • Christopher Barg Christopher Barg

    Major: Communication
    Minor: Business
    Home Town: Macomb, MI

  • Brandon Bishop Brandon Bishop

    Major: Pre-Med
    Home Town: Burt, MI

  • Heather Calandrino Heather Calandrino

    Masters in Occupational Therapy Major: Health Science
    Minor: Psychology
    Home Town: Clinton Twp., MI

  • Nicole Calandrino Nicole Calandrino

    Major: Chemistry
    Minors: Biology & Entrepreneurship
    Home Town: Clinton Twp., MI

  • Alyssa FitzGerald Alyssa FitzGerald

    Major: Elementary Education
    Minors: Math & Science
    Home Town: Gaylord, MI

  • Gregory Gaskin Greg Gaskin

    Major: Professional Accountancy
    Home Town: Westland, MI

  • Kaitlin Gomez Kaitlin Gomez

    Major: Health Science
    Minor: Public Administration
    Home Town: Bay City, MI

  • Kara Laitinen Kara Laitinen

    Major: Occupational Therapy
    Home Town: Sault Ste. Marie, MI

  • DeAngelo Parris De'angelo Parris

    Major: Criminal Justice
    Home Town: Detroit, MI

  • Brielle Robinson Brielle Robinson

    Majors: Marketing & French
    Home Town: Sterling Heights, MI

  • Kristina Tschirhart Kristina Tschirhart

    Major: Nursing
    Home Town: Macomb, MI

  • Lawrence Brown Lawrence Brown

    Major: Accounting
    Home Town: West Bloomfield, MI

  • Allison Deighton Allison (Ali) Deighton

    Major: Nursing
    Home Town: Oxford, MI

  • Jenny Freier Jenny Freier

    Major: Elementary Education
    Minor: Science & Language Arts
    Home Town: Freeland, MI

  • Juliann Kasza Juliann Kasza

    Major: Elementary Education
    Minors: Math & English
    Home Town: Trenton, MI

  • Jesse Siwek Jesse Siwek

    Major: Biology & Pre-Med
    Home Town: East Tawas

  • Brittany Taylor Brittany Taylor

    Major: Sociology & Psychology
    Home Town: Walled Lake, MI

  • Stacey Jedele Stacey Jedele

    Major: Elementary Education & Social Studies
    Home Town: Canton, MI

  • Brianna Fouty Brianna Fouty

    Major: Nursing
    Home Town: Mattawan, MI

  • Kristin Scheff Kristin Scheff

    Major: Athletic Training
    Home Town: Sterling Heights, MI

  • Chelsea Allen Chelsea Allen

    Major: Psychology
    Home Town: Romulus, MI

  • Briana Hanser Briana Hanser

    Major: Finance
    Home Town: Macomb, MI

  • Danyell Bragg Danyell Bragg

    Major: Communications
    Minor: Marketing
    Home Town: Detroit, MI

  • Lance Deemter Lance Deemter

    Major: Exercise Science
    Home Town: Allendale, MI

  • Rachel Funk Rachel Funk

    Major: Nursing
    Home Town: Washington, MI

  • Kaitlyn Rye Kaitlyn Rye

    Major: Special Education
    Minors: Language Arts & Mathematics
    Home Town: Livonia, MI