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Current Cohort of Vitito Fellows

The Scott L. Carmona College of Business welcomes the newest cohort of the Vitito Global Leadership Institute. The eighth cohort of leaders began their journey in the Winter 2020 semester.

This is a group photo of the students of Vitito Fellows Cohort 8 and faculty instructors


Jennifer Alloway-Frollo

This is a photo of Jennifer Alloway-Frollo, member of Vitito Cohort 8

Jennifer Alloway-Frollo is hoping to develop her leadership skills as a member of the newest class of Vitito Fellows. She took on lead roles in high school as first chair in the band, captain of the cheer team and captain of the tennis team. Each of those roles included setting an example to those around her, being sure everyone was prepared for the task at hand and motivating others to do the best they can and give it their all. She is a finance major with plans on a career in financial advising. She hopes to someday start an organization for people with disabilities to help them find jobs in the workforce.

Alexandra Badoux

This is a photo of Alexandra Badoux, member of Vitito Cohort 8

Alexandra Baudoux is pursuing a Bachelor of Professional Accountancy degree at SVSU. As the oldest of 4 children, she naturally developed delegation and decision-making skills at a young age. She discovered a passion for volunteerism when she was introduced to Alternative Breaks and eventually became a group leader for some of the trips. At her current job, she is a member of the lead training team and works with new employees to be sure they develop the necessary skills to be successful at their job and to perform to the best of their abilities. As a Vitito Fellow, she hopes to build on those leadership skills and apply them to her life and career goals.

Jessica Laconis

This is a photo of Jessica Laconis, member of Vitito Cohort 8

Jessica Laconis always pushes herself out of her comfort zone. She is always the first to volunteer and takes the lead in group projects and delegating tasks. Her teachers and family have always commented on her natural ability to lead. Jessica also discovered that the Vitito Global Leadership Institute fits perfectly with who she is as an individual and with her interests. She is an active leader in many student groups on campus like Connect in Forever Red, Beta Gamma Sigma, and Pie Club and knows that she will always find ways to lead no matter where she ends up in life.

Kyndall LoVette

This is a photo of Kyndall LoVette, member of Vitito Cohort 8

Kyndall LoVette was influenced to apply to the VGLI by former Fellows, mentors, and professors at SVSU. She was impressed with what the former Fellows told her about their experiences with VGLI and how the fellowship has shaped them positively and helped to develop their leadership styles. She is excited about giving back to the community during the program and learning how to inspire others.

Evan Rhind

This is a photo of Evan Rhind, member of Vitito Cohort 8

Evan Rhind took a leadership role as a member of his high school’s soccer and track teams. He took the responsibility of motivating the other team members and leading by example—traits of a future leader. He enjoys communicating with people and working with numbers, so a career in business is the perfect fit. Evan believes the leadership skills he will learn as a Vitito Fellow will help him find success in not only his business career, but his personal life, as well.

William Taylor

This is a photo of William Taylor, member of Vitito Cohort 8

William Taylor learned some of his leadership skills as a township co-chair for the 2016 presidential election. That experience taught him not only the role of a leader at the township level, but how he can apply the skills he learned in that position to any future jobs he will hold. One of his current goals is to participate in as many college educational experiences as he can to learn as much as he can to be prepared to enter the workforce and not just do a good job but do his job well.

Phuong Trinh

This is a photo of Phuong Trinh, member of Vitito Cohort 8

Phuong Trinh believes that leadership should be adaptive and accountable in any situation. As the President of the International Student Club she is learning to be flexible in any situation and how to solve problems efficiently and effectively. In helping to organize large events such as the Food Festival, Intercultural Night, and the Talent Show, she’s discovered that as a leader she not only needs to lead well, she needs to motivate others to put forth their best effort at whatever the task is at hand. She is looking forward to participating in the program and improving her skills, knowledge, and ability to see others’ perspectives and share experiences with her peers.

Bradley Voss

This is a photo of Bradley Voss, member of Vitito Cohort 8

Bradley Voss believes that leadership is an integral part of success and that the Vitito program will help him to start developing the skills he needs to become a successful leader. He readily admits that his leadership skills at this point are minimal, but his current employer will ask for his input on complex issues that arise, and he also helps new employees learn their responsibilities. Bradley is looking forward to participating in the Vitito program and building on the leadership foundation he has begun.

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