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Visitor Parking 

Most parking areas on campus are open to the public at no charge, although there are some restricted/reserved lots. 

Signs located at the entrance to each parking lot indicate restricted times and usage for parking facilities. 

Overnight Parking 

Vehicles parked on campus overnight must be registered with University Police/Parking Services and parked in designated overnight parking lots only. Unregistered cars parked overnight will be ticketed and may be impounded. Call Parking Services at (989) 964-4140 for more information. 

Special Needs Parking 

State handicap permits are valid at any designated handicap space on campus when a valid permit is displayed from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle. Any metered space may be used without depositing coin when a valid permit is displayed from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle. 

Parking Citations 

Payment for a parking citation is required within 10 calendar days of the issue date. If you decline to appeal or fail to pay the fine within 10 calendar days, the parking citation may be forwarded for collections to the designated collection agency. Parking citations forwarded to a collection agency may also have a fee of $10 assessed in addition to the original fine. For additional information please refer to the Operations Manual and the Parking Violation Appeal Process policy.

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