Positioning Statement

SVSU is a personal and student-centered regional university that is full of vitality and has quality academic programs in its five colleges. Its highly-qualified, mentoring faculty are dedicated to teaching, and its diverse and goal-oriented students have local and international opportunities to learn, create, lead and become vital contributors to their communities. The welcoming campus serves as a cultural, business and intellectual resource for the region.

The positioning statement is more of an internal compass than a written statement that appears in printed publications. Its key words and feelings are what drives the advertising, marketing messages and the appearance of brochures, ads, image-related pieces, etc.

Further, the key messages become an internal checklist against which all printed and Web material should be evaluated. One or more key messages must be implied or stated visually, graphically, auditorilly, or written, in all marketing material or advertising of SVSU.

When the positioning statement and key message(s) are seen, felt, heard or read in any university marketing, then the brand is being consistently marketed and the end user is receiving a concise message and has a clear understanding of what we promise.

Of any SVSU brochure, flyer, booklet, ad, radio spot, newsletter, billboard, or TV commercial, one must ask these questions:

  • Does it deliver our promise?
  • Are the university’s key messages visible (visually, graphically, orally, written word) in the piece?

When the answer is “yes,” then the image / identity is sharply focused and the audiences we serve know exactly what we are and what we promise.

Visit the glossary for detailed definitions of terminology used on this page.