SVSU's Identity: An Introduction

SVSU is a diverse institution with different opportunities and audiences. Graphic standards have been developed for SVSU to communicate clearly and consistently through our publications, Web sites, marketing collateral and direct advertising.

Using these standards consistently will increase the recognition of the SVSU logo and solidify our graphic identity among our audiences throughout the region. Further, they will help improve the quality and image of all SVSU publications, Web and printed materials.

Many major universities (and most large profit businesses and non-profit organizations) utilize graphic standards to create and maintain a consistent message and image. SVSU’s decision to develop standards is an important part of the building of the university’s overall identity.

Clear and focused advertising and marketing collateral are achieved when a consistent message and graphics are applied to them. SVSU’s name and logo will gain more recognition with our audiences when it is applied consistently through our publications, Web site and mixed media needs of all departments and colleges.

Visit the glossary for detailed definitions of terminology used on this page.


Standards do not restrict departments from having creative and unique designs; rather, graphic standards serve as an identifiable link between all SVSU advertising and marketing collateral.

Everything produced as communications collateral, whether it is from University Communications or from another department, should have a “look” that identifies it as part of SVSU; this can be accomplished while still allowing for individuality.