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Established in October 2004 as part of the University Communications department in the Public Affairs division, Web Communications was moved as its own department within the Student Services & Enrollment Management division from 2006 through June 2014.  The department re-joined University Communications in July 2014.

Website Purpose and Goals

Purpose Statement 

As the public and virtual gateway for the institution, the SVSU website acts as a primary marketing tool for recruiting students who are searching for opportunities for academic, professional and cultural development. Additionally, the website acts as an important communication tool for the informational needs of internal audiences – current students, faculty and staff – and works to promote the University to external audiences such as the community, friends and the media. The website also serves as a brand ambassador for SVSU, reflecting key messages of the University.

Website Goals

The following website goals are intended for any website published under the domain:

  1. To Inform: The SVSU website needs to be a trusted resource for current information, including academic, athletic, social, news and event information.
  2. To Improve: The SVSU website needs to improve functionally, navigation and visual appeal with specific attention being paid to addressing the needs of key audiences.
  3. To Consolidate: The SVSU website should join together key content and remove old, unnecessary information to create a unified web presence.
  4. To Engage: From design to content, the SVSU website should engage audiences–specifically prospective students–and create a relationship between SVSU and visitors.
  5. To Connect: The SVSU website should connect people to people and people to information, knowing that the site needs to be social and informational.
  6. To Invoke: Specifically for prospective students and external audiences, the SVSU website needs to have a strong call to action—an appeal to learn more about SVSU, support SVSU or, of course, apply to SVSU.
  • Jason Swackhamer

    Web Communications

  • Holly LaRose-Roenicke

    Assistant Director
    Web Communications