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SVSU-Delta Partnership With You in Mind!

RTEmagicC_b37b070de1 Who is eligible?

African-American, Hispanic and Native American students, from Delta, who plan on completing an associates degree and transferring to Saginaw Valley State University.

Why do we have a partnership program?

  • A four-year degree increases your earning potential and opportunities for career advancement.
  • For many careers, a four-year degree is the minimum requirement.
  • When employers have a choice, they almost always select the applicant with the highest academic degree.
  • It is a personal investment in your academic career and future.

What can this program do for me?

Individual assistance from Delta and Saginaw Valley State University staff:

  • Career/personal advising.
  • Waived application fee to SVSU.
  • Waived orientation fee to SVSU.
  • Referrals to services and other Delta/SVSU programs.
  • SVSU classroom exploration.
  • Assistance with class scheduling and registration.
  • Workshops and courses offered to provide or enhance study skills.
  • SVSU activities for transferring Delta students.

For more information on the benefits of this program, contact:


Delta College
(989) 686-9125

(989) 964-4200







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