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Student Workshops

This is a collage of three photos: male faculty speaking with student, female faculty speaking to group of students, three individuals on laptop.

Learning about Conducting Research in an Ethical Way

Research integrity is a topic relevant to all disciplines. This workshop helps students understand research misconduct and provides strategies to maintain an ethical research and scholarly environment. Representatives from the SVSU IRB will be presenting information and answering questions.

Developing a Strong Working Relationship with Your Mentor

The mentor/mentee relationship can be one of the most significant and influential relationships a student may have during his/her college experience. The relationship may also be quite challenging. This workshop is designed to discuss strategies for students and faculty to use as they navigate this rewarding, but potentially complicated, relationship.

Attending/Presenting at Your First Conference

This workshop focuses on informing students of what to expect when attending/presenting at their first conference. Faculty will offer their expertise on how to get the most meaningful conference experience by discussing a wide range of topics including: navigating a conference program, selecting sessions to attend, and successfully delivering a conference presentation.

Showcasing Your Research Skills to Employers/Graduate Programs

In this interactive workshop, students will learn how to effectively describe the skills they developed while engaging in their research experience to future employers and/or graduate school admission committees. Topics will include: resume tips, e-portfolio design, and interview strategies. The workshop will take place in a computer lab to allow students the opportunity to work one-on-one with a representative from Career Services to tailor advice to their specific research experience and future goals.

Discovering Future Possibilities with UGRP

Students attending this workshop will learn about how they may continue their involvement with the UGRP through a variety of opportunities, such as applying for future grants and/or becoming a UGRP peer mentor.

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