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What other colleges and universities have done to become sustainable.

There are several different ways that colleges and universities across the nation and throughout the world have found to become more sustainable.

Green Energy

California State University at Chico has put an array of solar panels on the roofs of two of their buildings which supply enough power to offset the emissions of over 400 commuter vehicles.


Sustainability is not just limited to the student organizations dedicated to it and campus-wide programs. At several colleges and universities fraternities and sororities have begun to go green in their own way, by recycling, trying to conserve energy in their houses or even coordinating their sustainability efforts with the rest of the colleges or universities efforts.

Carbon Neutral

Being carbon neutral means that you have cut your emissions down to almost none and purchase carbon offsets to cover the rest of your emissions. Many campuses have pledged their goal to become carbon neutral by a certain date. Colorado State University has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2020.

Sustainability Degrees

As shown by both Arizona State University's degree in sustainability and the University of Michigan's high number of courses focused on sustainability over most of their degree programs, going green and being sustainable is not always about how much energy you can save. Sustainability can also be about educating students on how they can live greener lives.

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