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Future Projects  

The future of sustainability at SVSU.

There are several ways that SVSU can become more sustainable in the future. Following are a selection of these efforts.

Sustainability Office / Officer
The sustainability office could be in charge of the recycling program as well as coordinate the sustainable efforts of the various groups on campus.

Expansion of Greenhouses
The Greenhouses could be used to grow most of the fruits and vegetables needed in the dining halls. The Vermiculture technique could be applied to a location outside the greenhouses to handle most, if not all, waste from the dining halls. SVSU faculty are currently planning an Environmental Film event and one or more indoor gardening seminars to take place in the greenhouse.

Support Local Growers
SVSU will be involved in two satellite sites for the Saginaw Farmers Market. The first will be at Houghton-Jones (funded by Saginaw Community Foundation) and the second (proposal currently being written by an SVSU communications major) is the possibility of a mini-market located on campus during the summer of 2010.

A room could be set up for gently used office supplies for faculty and staff in order to cut down the number of times new supplies need to be bought.

Sustainability Courses
Add elective courses in sustainability to the engineering, business and education majors.  Create enough courses in Sustainability to be able to have a Sustainability degree program.

Energy use monitors
Get real time energy usage monitors, like those in Pioneer Hall, for each building on campus so students and faculty can see just how much energy there academic building or dorm consumes.

Campus Sustainability Week
Hold Recycling and or Energy usage competitions between sets of dorms with some kind of prize going to the winner.

Green Cardinal News Network
Faculty and staff are currently developing Green Cardinal News Network to share environmental news in the valley area.

Environmental studies minor
SVSU faculty are currently developing a proposal for the addition of an Environmental Studies Minor.

Alternate Energy
Invest in a few small wind turbines, stand alone or rooftop designs. or  

Invest in solar panels.

Buy a percentage of electrical energy from renewable sources like a wind farm.