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2019-2020 Outstanding Educator Award Winners


Devin Mulville

Kingsbury Country Day School
5th Grade Math and Science
Educator for 7 years

What I love most about teaching fifth grade math and science is being able to guide students into becoming lifelong learners. I love to show them that there are multiple ways to solve problems and that it's important to be open-minded to different strategies. I enjoy planning engaging activities, whether it's using art to teach geometry, cooking to teach fractions or going outside on our trails to look for decomposers. I want my scholars to see how the content and skills that they learn and use in class can be applied to everyday life.

Favorite Quote: "Don't give up. Don't ever give up." -Jimmy V.

Jenni Renaud

Branch Line School
7/8 Grade Innovator Teacher
10 years as a Preschool Aide and 2 years as a 7/8 grade teacher

Hands down, the #1 thing I enjoy about teaching is the process and maintenance of building relationships in the classroom. My school values this and gives teachers the latitude to use the beginning of the year to cement the culture of our classrooms. We take time to discuss our goals, concerns and even silly events of the daily routine, every day as a whole group in our classroom meetings. Trust is built early and strong. This trust spills over into academics when they struggle with math concepts or labor over essay writing because they believe my expectations of them are rooted in our strong relationship. The part of teaching I feel the most confident in is my understanding of my students and their understanding of me. We cheer for each other all school year long.

My ‘favorite’ quote is one that serves me as a teacher and serves my students every day. "NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED" was spoken by Mitch McConnel in reaction to a filibuster during a confirmation hearing of the U.S Senate. It took on a life of its own after and has come to mean the essence of growth mindset for me. As I turned 40 and decided I was ready for a classroom all my own that would entail pursuing Michigan certification, many roadblocks popped up that could have indicated I was making the wrong choice. “Nevertheless”, I kept going and have begun a career I never dreamed possible. For my students, I rely on this quote to encourage them to keep digging, keep asking, keep wondering. They are quick to give up, but I have a duty to encourage them to “persist”.

Kathleen Tindell

Saginaw Preparatory Academy
Lead Teacher/Pre-Kindergarten
With SPA for 5 years and over 20 years in education

The thing that I enjoy most about being a GSRP Preschool teacher is having the honor and privilege of being able to teach our youngest students in the school. I am able to instill a love of learning and use some of the same materials to teach skills that are used in later years, giving them an advantage. I am able to be very hands on with my students and their families, giving me the opportunity to see where there is a need, and help them to find a solution.

One of my favorite quotes is “We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.” I believe that this applies in life and education as well. No one teaches alone.

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