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Sigma Academy for Leadership & Early Middle College (K-10)

25 Ford Street
Highland Park, MI 48203

Phone: (888) 569-3424
Fax: NA
Administrator: Reggie Kirkland
Enrollment 33
Date Opened: September 2020
County: Wayne

Sigma Academy for Leadership & EMC/SVSU Terms & Conditions - Expires 6/30/2023 (267KB)

Academy Website:


"The mission of the Sigma Academy for Leadership and Early College is to ensure that students in and around Greater Detroit gain a world-class education base on the pathways of Bigger and Better Business, Social Action, and devotion to scholarship. The ultimate goal for Sigma Academy for Leadership and Early College students to graduate with an endorsed high school diploma and an industry-recognized credential and/or Associate’s Degree. At the very least, one hundred percent of Sigma Academy for Leadership and Early College Students will graduate from high school and attain post-secondary credit and an Industry Recognized Credential which will lead to entrepreneurship and/or viable employment, engaged citizenship and a commitment to life-long learning."

Contact Us
(989) 964-4623(989) 964-4623
(989) 964-4636


Gilbertson Hall GN-135


M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm