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New Dawn Academy of Warren (K-8)

8200 Irving Road
Sterling Heights, MI 48312

Phone: (855) 800-7836
Fax: NA
Administrator: Conrad Koch
Enrollment:  75
Date Opened: September 2021
ISD: Macomb ISD
County: Macomb

New Dawn Academy of Warren/SVSU Terms & Conditions - Expires 6/30/2026 (415KB)

Academy Website:


“The mission at New Dawn Academy is to create a learning environment grounded in the diverse cultural resources of the community. It must be constructed through a synergy of collaboration in order to nurture all students in the development of their own self- actualized competitive ethos. New Dawn Academy will use supportive bi-lingual delivery enhanced by STEM focused hands-on project-based content to provide a challenging curriculum for its students. New Dawn Academy will ensure effective preparation for all students to advance academically into college and life as responsible members of society.”

Contact Us
(989) 964-4623(989) 964-4623
(989) 964-4636


Gilbertson Hall GN-135


M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm