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2021-22 Cardinal-on-the-Go Professional Learning Opportunities

Professional development offerings crafted with the needs of your staff in mind.

  1. School leaders, administrators, educators, etc. preview the workshops/presentations below.
  2. Select a topic of interest or need.
  3. Click the registration button.
  4. Complete the questions and submit.
  5. You will received a follow up email to confirm dates, time and instructional delivery (virtual or in person).
  6. A survey will be sent to requestor to share with staff (those who will be participating in the PD).
  7. The workshop will be tailored based on the results of the survey.
  8. Cardinal-on-the-Go professional developments are FREE to all Public School Academies in Michigan. In person workshops are reserved for SVSU authorized academies.



Refresh your Mind, Teaching, and Momentum
Showcasing Excellence
From Behaving to Belonging—supporting students who challenge us
Why is Problem Solving a Problem?
Remaining true to yourself, not your Teacher Triggers
Facts Matter: How to help your students attain fact mastery
Invitations vs. Expectations
Why I Encourage my Students to Talk
Teacher Voice & Choice - Battlefield of the Brain
Stop in the Name of Love
Keep it Real 3 - Relevant, Realistic, Relational

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