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2020-21 Professional Learning Opportunities


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It Figures...

It Figures...A new feature with highly regarded math resources just when you need them most!

Achieve the Core is a project of Student Achievement Partners. They are “A nonprofit dedicated to improving student achievement.” They focus on providing academic assistance for students who face barriers of racism, and poverty. Achieve the Core has resources for Mathematics and Literacy and are open sourced and free.

This link will take you to a Achieve the Core fraction feature. Fractions are an area that students struggle with, and as a result from lasting misconceptions. You will find resources, and tasks, both for face-to-face and virtual instruction for grades 3-6 and beyond.

I especially appreciate the “Fraction Guidance for Educators” section. When your students are wrestling with traditional methods that may interfere with their learning, this section gives alternative approaches.

Cathy Malotka

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Free Self-Care Sessions Supported by SUPO

Sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour. Days and times are selected by school leaders. Minimum of 5 staff, maximum of 50. Complete the form below to select the topics you would like included in the session.

    Topics include, but are not limited to:     
  Setting Work/Home Boundaries   Appreciating and Using Humor
  Coping with Compassion Fatigue   Being Inspired
  Getting Adequate Sleep   Grading Yourself with Grace
  Exercising Regularly   Setting Aside Time to Reflect
  Practicing Mindfulness   Having Fun
  Focusing on Relationships   Meditation Through Affirmations
  Practicing Gratitude   SEL for Adults
  Practicing Kindness   Dealing with Behaviors that Trigger You



Online Learning

SVSU Online SCECH Approved Courses

Complete your State Continuing Clock Hours (SCECHs) with Saginaw Valley State University.

Are you due for certification renewal? Check out the SCECH Offerings at SVSU's Office of Professional Development. Each offering is at least 24 credits and can be completed within 4 to 6 weeks.


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