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student presenting to other students and faculty

Research activity

Presenters intend to present a project that shares my findings (or findings in progress) regarding a long-term research project they have been involved in. Their project stems from course work, independent study, honors thesis, grant-funded project, membership on a research team, etc.


3277 Get it over with! Insufficient Effort on a Procrastination Survey
3284 Analyzing the Impacts of Humans and Climate on Temperate Forest P
3295 Does Methylbutenol Confer Thermal Tolerance to Emitting Plants?
3318 Agricultural Monitoring using an Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV)
3321 Antifungal Assessment of a Novel Ruthenium Hydroxamate
3322 "Let's Just Call This Done": Examining College Students' Writing
3324 Reliability of the Landmine One-repetition Maximum and Compariso
3329 Distractions, Self-Regulation, and Writing Processes
3332 Biophysical interactions of a novel, multi-substituted beta-lacto
3334 Novel, multi-substituted -lactone shows broad-spectrum antifunga
3335 The Validity and Reliability of Estimation of Repetitions to Fail
3338 Synthesis of an aryl-C-Glycoside as Potential Treatment for Type
3342 Performance of a Multistage Electrohydrodynamic Gas Pump in a Squ
3349 Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemical Analysis of Synt
3351 Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemical Investigation of
3355 Identification and Quantitation of Active Ingredients Responsible
3363 Trauma Resilience on Campus: The Moderating Effect of Development
3364 Thermoelectric and thermo-mechanical study of electronic intercon
3366 The Reliability and Validity of Velocity-based Prediction of 1-Re
3367 Environmental Monitoring Aquatic Drone
3356 Assessment of Staphylococcus epidermidis Biofilm Inhibition Using
3359 Comparison Between Safety Squat Bar and Traditional Barbell Squat
3360 Instinct and Restraint: Measuring Internal Conflict with an Impli
3361 Factor Structure and Normative Update of the Brief Symptom Invent
3398 Synthesis, Characterization, and Electrochemical Analysis of Synt
3401 C.V. Axle Shaft Boot Slip Detection System
3370 Electrostatic speaker
3371 Assessment of Asymmetric Sampling Delay in Per-Phase Current and
3377 Using Cost-Effective Robotics Kits in Engineering Education
3397 C-Glycosides Synthesis for Potential Type II Diabetes Treatments