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student presenting to other students and faculty


Presenters intend to present a project related to developing leadership skills. Presenters will share an experience that specifically helped them become a more successful leader. This project may have been a part of a course assignment, internship, RSO activity, honors thesis/independent study, academic competition like moot court or racing team, etc.


3343 | Samuel Johnson, Sydney Czyz

Faculty Mentor's Name: Dr. Joseph Ofori-Dankwa
Department: Programs of Distinction
College: College of Business
Supporting Program (e.g., Honors Program, UGRP, etc): Vitito Global Leadership Institute

World Changers BATS Project Winter 2021

The Winter 2021 BATS Project brings together a variety of students from four different disciplines - business, arts, theater, and sociology. Three teams, the Vitito Fellows, First Ward Fellows, and the Art 390 students, have come together and formed one team, the World Changers, to accomplish three primary deliverables. First is our Community Deliverable wherein the Vitito Fellows and First Ward Fellows research and apply to board positions within Saginaw City and Saginaw Township where they can affect community change. Additionally, as part of this deliverable the Vitito and First Ward Fellows hold a community focus group meeting to pose questions and facilitate discussion in developing several suggestions and or issues relating to the boards and commissions we researched. Second is our Comic Deliverable where all three teams collaborate throughout the semester to develop and print a 48-page comic book showcasing the community visions of the First Ward Fellows. Finally, our third deliverable is that of our final presentation in the SVSU Student Showcase where we present the work we have done together this semester and what we, as the World Changers, have been able to accomplish through hard work, creativity, and leadership.



3341 | Nathan Piwowarsi, Haley Nelson, Tess Martin, Jesse Sanchez 

Faculty Mentor's Name:Dr. Joseph Ofori Dankwa

Department: Management

College: College of Business

Supporting Program (e.g., Honors Program, UGRP, etc): Vitito

Community Workaholics 

This will be a presentation of the First Ward Fellows Jesse Sanchez and Tess Martin, in the form of a comic book that was created by a pair of Art 390 students depicting their lives. The comic book will be highlighting their career goals and their aspirations within the Saginaw Community.This is the culmination of work between students and professors in Business, Art, Theater, and Sociology (B.A.T.S Programs)


Community Workaholics Presentation