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student presenting to other students and faculty

Creative Arts

Presenters intend to present a project that showcases a creative endeavor they have pursued. Examples include various types of artwork (e.g., graphic design, painting, photography, etc.), musical/theatrical performance, dance routine, forensics presentation, etc.


3326 | Levi Ricky, Sawyer Messing, Vincent Cirilo, Niraj Adhikari

Faculty Mentor's Name: Dr. Rajani Muraleedharan Sreekhumarid
Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
College: Science, Engineering, & Technology
Supporting Program (e.g., Honors Program, UGRP, etc): UGRP

Picture this. You’re driving your fairly new electric vehicle to SVSU. You realize along the way that you forgot to charge your car the night before and the battery is running awfully low. You had plans to go to the store after work and now you’re worried it will be a close call making it home even. Luckily that’s not a concern with SVSU’s SPICEVC. You drive your vehicle into the space and before you even exit the car, the display on the carport and the monitor in the vehicle both light up green indicating the vehicle is charging. Hands free and hassle free. No need to plug the vehicle in (though you could if you wanted to). You return after a few hours to see the vehicle has 200 more miles and you can now travel anywhere you want. This is the goal of SPICEVC. The ease of hands-free vehicle charging, assisted with environmentally friendly solar power, and comforted with a rainproof cover overhead, making for the most effortless fuel stop ever.

As green energy becomes more important, the number of electric vehicles, or “EVs”, are increasing exponentially [1]. That is why this project is more relevant than ever. This research is on EV charging with the universal plug-in outlet using wireless induction charging and alternatively wired fast charging. This project is beneficial for providing empirical data on EV charging performance as well as information on cost, safety, structure, appearance, and implementation. Having solar panels will add green energy impact and assist in power input cost. The proposed charging station will be unique as there is very few companies that implement induction chargers for EVs.


[1] Global EV Outlook 2020, IEA, Paris, June 2020. Accessed on February 07, 2021. [online]