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  • Stay calm.  Dial the appropriate number (see below).
  • State the emergency (ex: suicidal feelings, sexual assault, domestic violence, alcohol poisoning, drug use).
  • Give the address/location of the emergency.  Be very specific, including house or apt. number and cross street. Also know the number of the telephone from which you are calling.
  • Stay on the telephone and do as instructed by the 911 operator or other emergency personnel.

Medical Emergency or Police

  • On campus dial:   9-911
  • Off campus dial:  911

Crisis Situations or Psychological Emergencies

  • University Police, x4141 or 911

Additional Resources

  • 24-Hour Emergency Mental Health Services:  989-792-9732
  • 24-Hour Sexual Assault Services:  989-790-9118
  • 24-Hour Domestic Violence Support:  888-399-8385

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