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About Us

Our Mission

The Student Counseling Center promotes students' optimal health, well-being and development through the provision of high quality, integrated and holistic health services.  We strive to empower students to be active partners in their health care, providing education and resources to foster healthy decision making and supporting students in the pursuit of their academic goals.


What This Means To You

When you visit the Student Counseling Center, you will receive excellent care from professionals who understand the specific needs of college students.  You can talk with a counselor about relationship or common (and not-so-common!) personal concerns, and more. 

Because we take a holistic approach to health, our staff work together to make sure that we address ways in which your physical and emotional health might intersect. Our motto, " because it’s your health ," reflects our understanding of just how important health is to student success; it also communicates our belief that ultimately, students must play a major role in learning about and practicing behaviors that will help them improve their personal health.  We believe that the partnership we create will benefit you throughout your time at SVSU and beyond.