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2016-2017 Code of Student Conduct

Admission to Saginaw Valley State University obligates each student to abide by regulations for acceptable student behavior. All students are expected to conduct themselves as responsible members of the university community and to respect the rights of their fellow citizens. SVSU regulations may apply of student’s behavior off campus as well as on campus. Violations of the regulations may result in disciplinary action by both the University and civil authorities. Students at Saginaw Valley State University also are responsible for their guests' behavior. Students may be charged through the disciplinary process for the actions of guests who violate provisions of this code.

Definition of Student: Includes all persons enrolled for courses through or at SVSU, both full-time and part-time, and those who attend educational institutions other than SVSU but who reside in SVSU housing facilities. Persons who are not officially enrolled for a particular semester but whose SVSU record indicates a continuing relationship with the University are considered “students”. Persons who have been accepted into SVSU but have not yet enrolled for courses are considered “students”.

Reporting Violations of the Code of Student Conduct

Alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct may be reported by any member of the university community. The report must be made in writing and can be initiated through:

  • The Student Conduct Program, 114 Curtiss, 989-964-2220.
  • University Police South Campus Complex A, 989-964-4141.
  • Any member of Residential Life staff.

Section 1. Regulations

Violations of any of the following university regulations may result in dismissal from Saginaw Valley State University or in a lesser sanction deemed appropriate by a university Hearing Officer.

1. Academic Integrity

Violations of the Academic Integrity Policy, will constitute a violation of the university regulations under this section.

Procedural Guidelines for Reports of Violations of the Academic Integrity Policy

a. Notification
b. Response
c. Sanctions
d. Appeal

2. Alcohol and/or Other Drugs

Violations of the Policy Concerning the Use of Alcohol and/or Other Drugs will constitute a violation of university regulations under this section.

3. Demonstrations and Assemblages

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4. Facilities and Equipment

a. General
b. General Use of Facilities
c. Keys
d. Pets
e. Postings
f. Selling, Advertising or Soliciting
g. Smoking, Food and Beverages
h. Uncrewed Aircraft Policy
i. Use of Facilities
j. Use of University Equipment and Property

5. Financial Responsibility

  • Students owing money or fines to any university department may be subject to additional charges or disciplinary action, or loss of services, if not paid when due. If any account is overdue at the end of the semester, the student will not be issued a transcript of his/her academic record and may not register for any subsequent semester until the account is paid. Application for other services, such as housing, may be denied to students with delinquent financial obligations.
  • Students found responsible for violations of university regulations may forfeit financial aid and/or university discretionary scholarships in addition to other penalties that may be imposed.

6. Misconduct

a. Aiding or Abetting Violations\Failure to Discourage
b. Assault - Physical
c. Assault - Verbal
d. Bias-motivated Offenses
e. Classroom Misconduct
f. Disorderly Conduct
g. Disruption of Learning
h. Failure to Identify, Appear or Observe Terms of Discipline
i. Fires
j. Fire Safety/Equipment
k. Hazing
l. Internet, Electronic Communications and Computing Resources Acceptable Use Policy
m. Lewd or Indecent Behavior
n. Property Damage
o. Sexual Misconduct
p. Stalking/Harassment (not of a sexual nature)
q. Theft of Property
r. University Housing/Residential Life Regulations
s. Voluntary Compliance
t. Weapons

7. Obedience to Criminal Law

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8. Student Organizations

All organizations that sponsor activities in violation of laws or regulations are subject to discipline under the Student Code. In addition, all members and nonmembers who participate in this activity may be disciplined individually.

9. University Records

Counterfeiting, Altering, Fraudulent Use or Copying
Current Address
Falsification of University Records


If a court of law should rule any portion of these regulations to be unlawful, it is the intent of Saginaw Valley State University that the remainder of these regulations will remain in effect.

Section 2.

10. Disciplinary Process

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11. Disciplinary Procedures

Emergency Suspension/Restriction

12. Procedural Guidelines

Follow-up will take place, as soon as practical, as prescribed in the following section. The essential safeguards for fair treatment will be provided for students charged with violating University regulations. The following shall serve as procedural guidelines:

Procedure 1
Procedure 2

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