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Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow STEM Scholars Network

Supported by a grant from The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation, the STEM Scholars Network is designed to increase learning in the STEM fields at the middle school, high school and college levels, particularly within the Great Lakes Bay Region. SVSU will use the funds to support summer camps for middle school and high school students and to sponsor undergraduate research projects by SVSU students. Two summer camp programs will launch this year: a 160-hour STEM camp that will target 60 middle school students who are struggling academically, and three 80-hour summer camps incorporating hands-on problem-based learning and built around particular “hot topic” themes for high school students, encouraging these students to pursue college degrees.

The deadline for submitting  for the 2017 camps is June 2, 2017. Camps fill up fast, so apply early!

Computer Science: CS/Explore (for High Schoolers)

George Corser teaching a computer science class.

The purpose of this camp is to introduce a wide range of computer science (CS) topics, especially computer programming, by
exploring commercially available hardware and software. Students will learn the capabilities of technologies as well as how to
use, configure, and implement them. The camp will be as hands-on as possible given practical and economic constraints.
Topics include:

  • Web Programming and App Development
  • Robot Programming
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) Hardware and Software
  • Cybersecurity

More topics may be added depending on how rapidly students develop. The overall intent of the camp is to demonstrate how
many aspects of modern life are becoming computerized or automated, and how important programming is for enriching these
aspects of modern life... and how fun it is to do that programming!

Dates: June 19-23 & 26-29, 2017

STEM Scholars Network HS Summer Camp Application (58kB)

Instructor:      Dr. George Corser, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Information Systems
Dr. Poonam Dharam, Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Information Systems

Health Science and Kinesiology STEM camp (for High Schoolers)

Health science students practice throwing a balloon back and forth.

The Health Science and Kinesiology STEM camp will introduce students to a variety of Health Science, Kinesiology and
Public Health topics, issues, opportunities and applications. A primary objective is to promote health, fitness, nutrition and
public health awareness while providing hands-on activities within these fields of study and practice! Topics include:

  • Telemedicine tools
  • Human Performance Testing
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Water Quality
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Nursing simulations

Additionally, students will have opportunities to hear guest speakers and interact with health care professionals.
**Please note**: This camp includes field trips that will take students off campus.

Dates: July 17-21 & 24-27, 2017

STEM Scholars Network HS Summer Camp Application (58kB)

Instructors: Rachel Darr, PhD, RD, CSSD, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology,
Christine L. Noller, JD, LLM, Assistant
Professor, Health Science,
Shannon Smith, MPH, Health Science Clinical Coordinator, Adjunct Faculty Member

Technology of Filmmaking (for High Schoolers)

A student sits with headphones on at the control board.

This camp will cover the basics of filmmaking, guided by experienced faculty. It will include an introduction to script
development, set design, cinematography, sound, and editing. Students will spend part of the day learning the filmmaking
technique and the rest of the day working "on location" in production teams. By the time we "wrap" students and their
production team will produce a short film that they can add to their portfolio and share with friends.

Dates: July 24 – 28 & July 31 - August 3, 2017

STEM Scholars Network HS Summer Camp Application (58kB)

Instructors:  Shaun E. Bangert, Professor of Art
Dr. Robert Drew, Professor of Communication