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Engineering in the Classoom

November 14, 2017

Cybersecurity in the Classroom written on a chalkboard

The Department of Homeland Security provides educators with resources to educate all students on the secure use of today's ever-evolving technologies at the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies site. This site offers educators at all levels resources to teach, compete in cyber competitions, and scholarships.

September 25, 2017

Saginaw Community Foundation and the Constan Science Education Fund logo

The Saginaw Community Foundation has released two grant opportunities for Saginaw County schools and teachers. Please see below for more information regarding the Louis and Karen Constan Science Education Fund Grant and the Grants for Excellence Program. Applications for both grants are due by November 1st. Good luck!


August 1, 2017

 Carp flying with Michigan lake in background.

Gov. Rick Snyder announced that the Invasive Carp Challenge is now accepting proposals for innovative methods to prevent invasive (or Asian) carp from entering the Great Lakes. The Invasive Carp Challenge is designed to tap into the creative minds of people around the world to join the government and research community in enhancing existing research and tools while developing new, innovative solutions. The challenge will accept solutions in any phase of development, from concept to design to field-tested models, specifically aimed at preventing invasive carp movement into the Great Lakes.

Written proposals will be accepted online through InnoCentive’s Challenge Center through Oct. 31, 2017. One or more solutions will share up to $700,000 in cash awards provided by the State of Michigan. Once registered, solvers can see a detailed description of the challenge, review existing deterrent technologies for invasive carp and submit their proposed solutions.

March 15, 2017

Orion's Quest Logo

Orion’s Quest is an internet delivered program for upper elementary, middle and high school students that seeks to reach the “Next Generation of Explorers”. Orion’s Quest (OQ) missions allow students to participate in ongoing space-based research. Live missions (those currently in space) usually take place during a single semester while virtual missions (previously conducted in space) are available online throughout the school year. Students participate in NASA research through analysis of photo or video data from current experiments being conducted by a NASA scientist. Student data will be reviewed and, if appropriate, included in the research databases.

For a case studies by teachers who have used missions in their classrooms and to see missions, view: Orion's Quest Brochure (1,334kB)

To apply, go to, or contact Tom Drummond at (734) 546-0556, or email

Feb. 11, 2016

Engineering in the Michigan Science Standards

Saginaw Valley State University hosted the 2nd annual STEM teachers dinner for approximately 100 K-12th grade educators onDr. Greg Johnson, Ed.D., Ed.S., Science Consultant, Wayne Mathematics and Science Center February 11, 2016. Dr. ‌Greg Johnson, science consultant for the Wayne Mathematics and Science Center, spoke on “Engineering in the Michigan Science Standards” as part of the program. His Engineering “Engineering in the Michigan Science Standards (7,532kB) and resources mentioned are below.

A presentation given by Dr. Greg Johnson, Science Consultant, Wayne Mathematics and Science Center to K-12 STEM educators in the Great Lakes Bay Region.


Engineering Resources

What is STEM Education? Please go to  

What might STEM Education look like in my classroom? Please go to   

How do I integrate STEM and Project Based Learning?

Lesson Plans/Units

Engineering is Elementary resources can be found at and Engineering Adventures units can be found here  

Here are the web sites to down load the free teacher lesson plan manuals (educator guides) and student notebook materials (for the 2 units mentioned):

  1. Don't Runoff: Engineering an Urban Landscape
  2. Here Comes the Sun: Engineering Insulated Homes

Website Resources


The documents below can be found at