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Science Resources

Michigan Science Standards

Learn about the Michigan K-12 Science Standards that outline the learning expectations for Michigan students, curriculum development and assessment of student progress in topics of science and engineering.

Lesson Plans and Web Resources

Utilize our science lesson plans and web resources in your classroom to add a variety of learning in your classroom, engaging your students in new activities.

Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Explore our many resources with fun and easy classroom (or at home) experiments, websites, activities and lessons to keep your young student engaged in science in person and online!

3rd - 5th Grade

Use our wide variety of 3rd - 5th grade science resources, including our STEM at Home videos, to make science fun and exciting for your student! Learn how to make inverted bottles, how to split ice cubes, make music, or sit down and learn a science video lecture!

6th - 8th Grade

Keep your middle schooler eager to learn science through utilizing our science resources of experiment, activity, and lesson plans that are grade appropriate for your student! From playing science games, exploring the surface of Mars, or creating a fidget spinner, your middle schooler will find a love for science.

9th - 12th Grade

Get your high schooler excited about the world of science through our informative and interactive science resources! Your student can strengthen their skills in biology, chemistry and life sciences from the comfort of their home or your classroom.

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