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Mathematics Resources

Michigan K-12 Mathematics Standards

Learn about the Michigan K-12 Mathematics Standards that outline Michigan's learning expectations for our students and curriculum development. In addition, view recordings of webinars of modern technology used in the classroom.

Lesson Plans and Web Resources

Explore different lesson plans and web resources to spruce up your classroom routine by engaging your students in different activities.

Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Use these Pre-K - 2nd grade resources with your newly learning students, allowing them to explore different educational games, activities, and assistance in a range of math subjects. Also, take a look at our K - 2nd grade STEM at Home videos!

3rd - 5th Grade

Utilize our many math resources that'll assist your student in a variety of math subjects through games, tips, activities and tutoring resources. Take a look at our STEM at Home Mini-Math Lessons!

6th - 8th Grade

Challenge your middle schooler to explore and engage in our many mathematical resources that will not only keep their math skills sharp but expand their knowledge. Our STEM team members have made some Mini-Math Lessons to give your student mathematical visuals!

9th - 12th Grade

With high school being such an important time in your student's education, use these resources to adapt to their learning styles and ease the pressure of high school math. Take a look at our STEM at Home Mini-Math Lesson videos!

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