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Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Engineering Resources

100 Invitations to Build

3D Printing Projects and Coding Projects Involving Math and Other K-12 Subjects

Build a Hexbug Maze with Straws

Build Your Own Spinner

Design Challenge: Build a Rain Shelter

DIY Water Scope

DIY Water Table

Engineering Videos, Activities, Events and Lessons

Exploring Ramps

Five Challenges for your Youth at Home

Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue

Hands on STEM Activity: Marshmallow Engineering

How to Choose (or Make) a Marble Run Your Kids Will Love!

How to Make a Balance Toy: Balance Hearts STEM Activity

How to Make a Lava Lamp

Magnetic Marble Mazes

Make a Stethoscope

Paper Boomerang

Pinwheel Helicopters

Pool Noodle Engineering Wall

Pouring Pearls

Pulley: Simple Machine Project

PVC Water Shooter

Rain Gutter Rivers

Robotics Challenges, Activities and Resources for K-12

Rubber Band Helicopters - Engineering Project for Kids

Rubber Band Paddle Boats

Sand Rivers

Suds Painting

Super Duper Simple Circuit Science Project - First Grade

Tabletop Tubes

Teach Engineering STEM Curriculum for K-12

Tie Dye Bookmarks

Upcycled Toy Car Marker Bots

Water Wall



Engineering Challenge

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