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Engineering Lesson Plans and Web Resources

Build a Tower Project

Civil Air Patrol

EGFI Dream Up the Future

Engineering a Mountain Rescue Litter

Engineering Everywhere Curriculum Units

Engineering for the Three Little Pigs

Engineering is Elementary resources

Engineering Videos, Activities, Events and Lessons

Gumdrop Engineering Challenge

Inspiring Young Engineers with STEM Contests

Instructables - Engineering Projects for 6th - 12th Grade

International Space Station

NASA STEM Engagement

National Geographic Classroom Resources

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Pop Fly Project

Robotics Challenges, Activities and Resources for K-12

Simple Machines and Work

Teach Engineering STEM Curriculum for K-12

Tinkering is Serious Play

Tinkering Offers Valuable Skills to Kids

Try Engineering Lesson Plans and Resources

U.S. Department of Education

What is Tinkering?


NASA sponsors the units below that can be downloaded for free

  1. Worlds Apart Unit
  2. Testing the Waters Unit

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