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Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Science Resources

Kindergarten - 5th Grade Science lessons

3D Printing Projects and Coding Projects Involving Math and Other K-12 Subjects

5 Simple But Cool Slime Recipes to Make with Kids

Action Art: Spin Art Using a Bike

Balloon Speakers

Bean in a Jar

Blowing up a Balloon with Yeast or Baking Soda and Vinegar

Carmen Sandiego videos, stories, and lessons for all subject areas

Color Changing Celery

Critical Thinking Resources for Kindergarten - 6th Grade Students

Department of Energy STEM Rising Initiative

DIY Toy: Zappy Zoomers

Drippy Gravity Painting

Easy Science Experiments for Kids: Gravity Activity with Paperclips

Entertaining and Educational Videos for All Levels and Subjects

Every Course You Could Possibly Want to Homeschool Preschool - 8th Grade Students

Homemade Shrinky Dinks

How to Make Balance Scales for Toddlers and Preschoolers

How to Make Electric Play Dough with Kids

How to Make Music

Illustrated Recipes to Encourage Math and Science

Inverted Bottles

Leak Proof Bag Science Experiment

Magic Jumping Coin Trick

Make a Sundial at Home

Make a Toy Parachute

Make an Aladdin Magic Flying Carpet

Marshmallow Catapults


Miscellaneous Games for All Subjects Kindergarten - 8th Grade

MobyMax Find and Fix Learning Gaps

NASA Kids' Club

NASA STEM Engagement

Online Education Program for Toddler Through High School

Oobleck: the Dr. Seuss Science Experiment

PreKindergarten - 5th Grade Games for All Subjects

PreKindergarten - 12 Digital Media Service with More than 30,000 Learning Materials

Preschool Science: Weight

Science Experiments for Kids

Science for Kids: Toothpick Structures

Silly Putty

Static Electricity Balloon and Salt and Pepper Experiment

The Old Farmer's Almanac for Kids

The Pulley: Simple Machine Project

Traveling Magnets

Varsity Learning Tools

Virtual School Day

Virtual Summer Camps

You Be The Chemist Activity Guides

5 Zones of the Ocean

Celery Osmosis

Pepper Scatter Experiment

Rain Cloud in a Cup

Water Xylophone

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