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Pre-Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Engineering Resources

100 Invitations to Build

3D Printing Projects and Coding Projects Involving Math and Other K-12 Subjects

Build a Hexbug Maze with Straws

Build Your Own Spinner

Design Challenge: Build a Rain Shelter

DIY Water Scope

DIY Sand & Water Table

Exploring Ramps

Five Challenges for your Youth at Home

Frozen Ocean Animal Rescue

Hands on STEM Activity: Marshmallow Engineering

How to Choose (or Make) a Marble Run Your Kids Will Love!

How to Make a Balance Toy: Balance Hearts STEM Activity

How to Make a Lava Lamp

Magnetic Marble Mazes

Make a Stethoscope

NASA STEM Engagement

Paper Boomerang

Pinwheel Helicopters

Pool Noodle Engineering Wall

Pouring Pearls

Pulley: Simple Machine Project

PVC Water Shooter

Rain Gutter Rivers

Robotics Challenges, Activities and Resources for K-12

Rubber Band Helicopters - Engineering Project for Kids

Rubber Band Paddle Boats

Sand Rivers

Suds Painting

Super Duper Simple Circuit Science Project - First Grade

Tabletop Tubes

Teach Engineering STEM Curriculum for K-12

Tie Dye Bookmarks

Upcycled Toy Car Marker Bots

Varsity Learning Tools

Virtual School Day

Water Wall



Engineering Challenge

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