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Chief Science Officers

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"I truly believe that no matter what path you choose for your future, some aspect of STEM will apply." - CSO Shichi, H.H. Dow High School
The Chief Science Officers (CSO) program, initiated in Arizona in 2015 and expanded nationally in 2017, increases the student government model to place youth squarely in the center of STEM promotion, experience, and community action. On campus, CSOs serve as a voice for STEM, identifying opportunities such as speakers, field trips, and science nights, as well as ensuring such opportunities reflect the interests and desires of their peers. They help increase exposure of existing STEM programs such as robotics, code clubs, and science fairs. Mini-grants of up to $250 per school are available to off-set the cost of increasing STEM opportunities on campus. Off campus, CSOs advocate for school STEM opportunities at city councils, school boards, chambers of commerce, and the STEM Ecosystem steering meetings. Each of these real-world, career-oriented experiences provide opportunities for CSOs to observe business norms, practice their skills, and complement their classroom-based instruction. Together, CSOs work with one another as a cabinet to collaboratively engage in conversations about STEM education and work on collective action projects.  
Chief Science Officers program goals are to:
  • Cultivate the pipeline of diverse STEM leaders
  • Enrich middle and high school STEM culture and career awareness
  • Increase student voice in STEM conversations at schools and in the community
  • Enhance the workforce and employability skills of secondary student CSOs
  • Increase the engagement of STEM professionals and community partners with STEM education
  • Build a nationally recognized cabinet of student CSOs in schools across America

The Dow Chemical Company Foundation continues to provide funding for this program. 

For more details, contact Adrianne Cole, STEM Director at or at 989-964-4058.

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