Attend one of the following workshops to learn more about research administration and the grant process.

  • Call the Sponsored Programs office at x4295, or click here to register online for Sponsored Programs Grant Writing Workshops.
  • Please register at least 24 hours in advance of the workshop.

Winter 2014

Budgeting 101

How to put together a budget that supports my project.

Monday, April 7            Wednesday, April 9
10:00-11:00                  10:00-11:00
SE 213                           SE 213

Spring 2014

Grant Writers Toolbox

For new faculty members interested in the grant process – grant components and grant resources. 

Tuesday, May 13         Thursday, May 15
9:00-10:00                   1:00-2:00
SE 213                          SE 213

Register For GrantForward

Federal and private funding opportunities in sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities.  Save searches, set alerts, individual grant opportunities and conduct and save personalized searches.

Monday, May 26          Wednesday, May 28
1:00-2:00                     10:00-11:00
SE 213                          SE 213

Fulbright Scholar Workshop

The program is available to US Scholars to lecture and/or conduct research.  Applications are due August 1 yearly.

Tuesday, June 17         Thursday, June 19
10:00-11:00                   1:00-2:00
SE 213                            SE 213

Summer 2014

Using IRBNet and The Basics Of Submitting IRB And IACUC Applications

The workshop will examine the basics of preparing IRB & IACUC submissions as well as how to use IRBNet to submit, modify, renew and close-out human subjects and animal care and use protocols. 

Wednesday, July 9         Thursday, July 10
10:00-11:00                     1:00-2:00
SE 213                              SE 213

Helpful Hints to Manage Grants

Project Directors are responsible for what? How do I know how much money I have left? Who writes the final report? Learn how to manage your grant project - done right the first time - will save you time and effort.

Tuesday, July 29            Wednesday, July 30
10:00-11:00                    1:00-2:00
Z 228                               Z 228

Responsible Conduct of Research

Responsible conduct of research based on HHS Office for Human Research Protections. Videos and dialogue with colleagues about responsible conduct of research ? federally funded or not.

Tuesday, August 5              
SE 213 

To make a request or suggest a workshop topic, please email Janet Rentsch at