Admission Requirements

Admission to the major is a formal process that occurs in the fall and winter of each year.
Most students make a formal application for admission to the program during the semester just prior to their junior year.

Student admission to the social work major is a competitive process. Applicants are strongly encouraged to begin the admission process early to ensure adequate time for compiling required information and completing the formal interview.

STEP 1 - Determine if you meet the following requirements for Admission.

Students applying for admission must provide evidence of:

  • 2.50 GPA
  • completion of (or current enrollment in) SW 215 or equivalent
  • satisfactory completion of 40 hours of volunteer work in a human service organization (normally part of the course requirements for SW 215)
  • completion of 40 credits by the end of the semester in which application is made
  • completion of or concurrent enrollment in all Basic Skills requirements

STEP 2  - Complete and gather all required documentation listed below (in Social Work Forms 2013).

  • Complete an application to the major form
  • Complete two letters of reference from faculty, employers, community members or others according to the approved departmental form
  • Complete a 2 page typed personal statement addressing the program’s admission criteria (See on page 10 in the student handbook). This statement will be evaluated by the admissions committee on grammar / writing style as well as content.
  • Copy of transcripts from all institutions attended: Cardinal Direct version or student copy
  • Copy of degree audit: can be obtained from Cardinal Direct, Academic Advising or if a transfer student, an informal copy from Registrar.
  • Student I.D. card and SVSU email address
  • Signed NASW Code of Ethics form

STEP 3 - Schedule Admission Interview with Social Work Advisor and bring all required documentation.

Students schedule the formal interview with their social work faculty advisor by contacting the department office or the faculty advisor directly. During the admissions interview you can expect to: (1) review the application documents with your advisor; (2) create a tentative educational plan, mapping out all courses you would take as a social work major; and (3) engage in a brief interview that determines your fit in the social work program. Sample interview questions are available in the Social Work Handbook. Failure to bring any of the above documents may delay your admission into the program. A rating scale of the interview is available for review.  Student must bring the documents cited in Step 2 above. 

Selection Criteria

Admission decisions are made by a committee consisting of the full-time social work faculty. This committee reviews the applications, processes all of the information at their disposal, and takes action on the applications. Completion of required courses, overall GPA, and scores on the writing sample and admissions interview are the main criteria used in determining admission to the major.

Notification Process

Following the admissions committee's deliberations, each applicant is sent a letter which indicates the outcome of the committee's decisions.