Special Education Pre-Service and Induction Grant

Special Education
Pre-Service Reform and Induction Grant


This website was designed to provide special education teachers teaching resources and information about evidence-based practices. The website provides links to numerous resources that cover various topics including evidence-based practices, special education law, reading strategies, behavioral interventions, universal design for learning, Response to Intervention (RTI), news updates and opportunities for connecting with other teachers in the area. We hope the ideas contained in this website will assist you in creating a positive and meaningful learning environment for all children.


This website was developed as part of a grant funded by the Office of Special Education Program (OSEP) from June 2007 - July 2012 to support the preparation of special education teachers. Dr. Poonam Kumar served as the Project Director and Deborah Egerer was the Mentoring and Induction Coordinator for the project.



© 2009. This project was funded by a grant from the US Department of Education, Cooperative Agreement #H325T07007. However, the contents do not necessarily represent policy of the US Department of Education and no assumption of endorsement by the Federal Government should be made.