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NSF STEM Watershed Educational Research

This cross curricular, environmental education project involves SVSU's Dr. David Karpovic, Dr. Arthur Martin, Dr. Tami Sivy, Dr. Kyle Cissell and lecturer of Biology, Amanda Ross in collaboration with professors and students at Delta College and Central Michigan University. watershed based laboratory experiences will be designed for students in specific biology and chemistry coursework at all three institutions. The educational value and impact of these experiences upon student participants will be thoroughly analyzed and evaluated.  This is a unique project in that a junior college, an undergraduate university and a graduate university will be linked in the process and subsequent results.

Some of the goals of this project are to:

1) increase interest and skills of students in chemistry and biology

2) increase real-world relevancy in general chemistry and biology courses,

3) determine the effects of the vertical-curricula and cross-discipline design on student outcomes,

4) enhance a two year community college program by fostering student interactions with four-year institutions, 

5) improve undergraduate environmental, chemical, and toxicology research by additional instrumentation and training,

6) expand scientific data base for important watershed parameters,

7) provide a transferable model for other institutions wishing to similarly transform their curricula.

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SBESI Director

Dr. David Karpovich

Dean of Science, Engineering & Technology

Andrew M. Chubb, Ph.D.


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8 a.m.-4:30p.m.