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Coliform Counting

SVSU Biochemistry Professor Dr. Tami Sivy and student researchers are working in conjunction with the Bay County Health Department, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the EPA in an effort to implement rapid bacterial testing for local fresh waterways, especially beaches.  Utilizing cutting edge instrumentation  and qPCR, population levels of fecal indicator bacteria are determined.  The method  provides results in as little as four hours versus the twenty four hours required in current testing methods, thus reducing human contact time with contaminated water and  more effective beach monitoring.  Additionally, Dr. Sivy’s group is working on tracking methods that can determine human and/or bovine origin of indicator bacteria.

Rapid Bacteria Testing of Waterways in the Saginaw Bay Watershed

Primary researchers: Dr. Tami Sivy, Dr. Meaghan VanWert, and David Karpovich, researchers: Joel Strasz and Barb MacGregor

Rapid Bacteria Testing of Waterways in the Saginaw Bay Watershed 2014

Researchers: Dr. Tami L. Sivy, April Lukowski

Rapid Bacteria Quantification in Recreational Waterways on the Saginaw Bay

Researchers April Lukowski and Dr. Tami Sivy

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