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President’s Weekly Update - Week of Monday, August 24

They’re Here!

‌‌‌‌Move In, President Bachand with student Joshua Ames from Davison.

A new freshman class has arrived on campus, which means another academic year is about to commence. I had the privilege of assisting with the move in process for new Cardinals Joshua Arnes of Davision and Kassy Nelson of Tustin, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I also saw a number of colleagues volunteering to help, as well. I overheard more than one parent remark that their experience here was much better than it had been when older children moved into their residence halls elsewhere. My thanks to everyone who volunteered and to our colleagues in Housing and Residential Life who help to ensure all goes well.

‘Best Dorms’ Ranking Receives Lots of Attention

SVSU Ranked No. 1 Dorms in Michigan ABC 12 News

I am astounded by the level of interest in our recent ranking for having the best dorms (we prefer “residence halls”) in Michigan. Our Facebook post sharing this news received more than 80,000 views. That is not a typo: 80,000! Much of the attention has come from students and alumni who are pleased and proud of their residential experience, and we can take pride in that. The news media also taken interest, as ABC 12, TV-5, M-Live, all covered our good news.

Computer Systems Back up and Running

Thomas Edison Quote

Thomas Edison is quoted as saying, “Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless.” Needless to say, the upgrades planned by ITS this week did not go as planned. Many of us found this frustrating, but none more than our colleagues in ITS; they worked very long hours trying to solve the issues we were experiencing. I am glad to have service restored, and I know they are, too. If you see one of our ITS colleagues, please offer them a word of support; I know they would appreciate it.

Address and Welcome Back Picnic

A final reminder and invitation to attend my orientation remarks tomorrow and the introduction of new faculty and staff and the Welcome Back picnic that follows. The formal program begins at 4 p.m. in the Malcolm Field Theatre for Performing Arts; the picnic will be held in Owsley Grove. It is a great opportunity to enjoy some camaraderie and reacquaint with colleagues you may not have seen over the summer.

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