About Us

Student Learning Goals

  1. Our students acquire comprehensive knowledge of the fundamentals of Physics.
  2. Working individually and as team members, our students learn to critically examine a physical problem, form a strategy for solving it and produce a clear, concise, detailed and accurate solution.
  3. Our students learn techniques for carrying out precise, meaningful measurements of physical data using scientific instrumentation and how to quantify uncertainties in their acquired data. They also learn how to draw appropriate conclusions from their data and to communicate their results in a formal laboratory report.
  4. As a condition of graduation, each student gains valuable research experience by completing a project under the guidance of a faculty member in one of the following fields: solid state/condensed matter physics, theoretical physics, atomic/molecular/optical physics, physics education, and physical optics/holography. The student then acquires critical presentation skills by communicating the results of the research project at the Dow Corning Symposium in Science and Engineering and at regional Physics conferences and in scientific journals when appropriate.

Professional Organizations/Standards that informed development of learning outcomes: American Physical Society; Society of Physics Students; American Association of Physics Teachers and its Michigan section