Academic Resources

The following academic resources are to help your student schedule courses, complete coursework, or to obtain tutoring or other assistance with their academic courseload.

Academic Advisement Center

Office Location Telephone Website Email Director
117 Wickes Hall (989) 964-4286 Dan Strasz, Director

Academic advising in college differs greatly from the counseling students received in high school, where many choices and actions were made for them. Now, these choices are up to the students. But with the assistance of our academic advisors, your student will be able to sort through the options and make sound and satisfying choices. Many first-time students are “undecided” or “undeclared” regarding their major; this Office provides a program that helps your student match their likes and talents with a potential career/program of study.

Within the office of Academic Advising, your student receives assistance with reviewing their degree components and organizing a successful course scheduling plan. Services include:

  • Initial academic advising, course registration and placement testing for all new undergraduate students.
  • Assistance in selecting a degree program, as well as advisement on academic policies and procedures and monitoring academic progress via a computerized degree audit system.
  • Tutorial assistance in selected first and second year courses like beginning accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, history, physics, and psychology.
  • Coordination of the University Foundation Scholars program, College Success Courses, Course Placement Testing and Orientation programs.

SVSU offers more than 90 undergraduate programs of study. See the list. »

Each academic program is aligned to a "college." A college consists of like academic programs, and offers students special events, professional organizations, and related academic resources. SVSU has five colleges:

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Career Services

Office Location Telephone Website Email Director
270 Wickes Hall (989) 964-4954 Michael Major

Many students (and parents) think that career planning and placement is a service that plays into the college scene much later than freshman year. In actuality, Career Planning & Placement should be one of the first stops for your student.

Relevant work experience is one of the most important factors that employers consider when hiring. Your students can gain that experience with a co-op or internship position, accessible through the Cardinal Career Network. On and off-campus employment is also available and coordinated through this office. (see “Student Employment”).

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Computer Labs

Office Location Telephone Website Email
South Complex B–128 (989) 964-4225

Your student will most assuredly be a regular visitor to one of the two general purpose open labs on campus: one located in Curtiss Hall 227 and the other is Science East 104/105. The labs consist of PC and/or Macintosh computers. Software help is also available by workers in these labs.

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Disability Services

Office Location Telephone Website Email Director
112 Curtiss Hall (989) 964-7000

Cynthia Woiderski

If your student has documented disabilities, the Office of Disability Services coordinates support services. Support services include note-taking paper, assistive listening devices, alternate testing arrangements, power assisted doors in all buildings, handouts in Braille, and OCR computers with scanners.

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Center for Academic Achievement

Encouraging your students to take advantage of free tutoring and help will not only relieve your student’s anxiety, but ultimately help them enjoy their class work, be less apprehensive, and achieve better grades. The Center for Academic Achievement services are free.



Office Location Telephone Website Email Director
Zanhow (989) 964-7126 Ann Colburn-Collins

Free tutorial assistance is available in select first and second year courses such as accounting, biology, chemistry, economics, history, physics, and psychology and more in the Center for Academic Achievement.


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Math & Physics

Office Location Telephone Website Email Co-Directors
Zanhow Library (second floor) (989) 964-4648

Amy Hlavacek, Nancy Colwell

Math & Physics Tutoring can help place your student into the appropriate math courses, as well as provide tutoring once they are enrolled in a math course. Tutors are available on a walk-in basis for courses MATH 081-MATH 261 and PHYS 106-212.

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Writing Center

Office Location Telephone Website Email Director
Zahnow Library 308 (third floor) (989) 964-6061 Diane Boehm

Another area in which college is different from high school is in the amount of research and writing required. Developing strong communication and critical thinking skills is important to your student, regardless of their major and career goals.

In the Writing Center, peer mentors assist students from all disciplines, at all levels of writing proficiency, with planning, drafting and revising. In addition, the Center has print and electronic resources, including style and documentation manuals.

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Information Technology Services

Office Location Telephone Website Email Manager
South Complex B–128 (989) 964-4225 Mike Holliday

Make sure your student knows about ITS; encourage them to call the Support Center’s Help Desk (or visit their office) for problems or questions pertaining to their access and use of university technology resources.

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Location Telephone Website Email Director
Melvin J. Zahnow Library (989) 964-4240 Linda Farynk

In college, a great deal of course work revolves around writing papers, and research is an important element of the process. Encourage your student to know and get comfortable with the library, the librarians and reference desk on the first floor, as they begin to understand the importance and process of a solid research strategy.

The library is more than a resource for books; it includes journals, over 90 academic databases, CARDCAT (the library’s on-line catalog) and other Internet resources. Collaborative workrooms, group study rooms and ample seating with wired and wireless laptop capabilities are conveniently located throughout the library. A 60-seat computer lab is open for student use when it is not scheduled for online testing or library instruction sessions.

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Registration/Schedule Changes

Office Location Telephone Website Email Registrar
151 Wickes Hall (989) 964-4985

Chris Looney

Many first time students (and parents) enter a new world when they start college and are faced with things like course registration, add/drop, course withdrawal, enrollment verification, graduation degree audit, grade processing and transcript production. Help yourself and your student understand deadlines and procedures by going to the SVSU Registrar web site, or to Cardinal Direct,

Registration is done through Cardinal Direct. Online University catalogs,, are your student’s guide to course descriptions and degree requirements. Generally, your student will follow the academic requirements as outlined in the University Catalog published the year in which your student enrolls as a student at SVSU. Your student should contact the Academic Advisement Center (117 Wickes) for more information on academic requirements.

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