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The body of each Guide should be written in the following sequence. If one or more of the categories is not required, it may be omitted, but the order of the remaining categories remains the same. Other categories may be used as necessary.

  1. Board of Control Resolution
  2. Policies
  3. Regulations
  4. Procedures
  5. Information
  6. Discussion and/or Rationale
  7. Form Samples and Examples

The heading of the Guide is to include the following information:

  1. Section and Guide Number. The Operations Manual Section number precedes the hyphen and the number of the guide follows the hyphen (sample: 1.0-5).
  2. Title of the Guide in Capital Letters . Write a title which the user of the Guide is most likely to look for in the Index. Avoid beginning the file with terms such as "Policy For, Guidelines for, etc."
  3. Date the Guide is Adopted and Initials of the Individual or Group Approving the Guide (BC - Board of Control; PS - President's Staff ). See 1.0-4 for the complete listing of initials to be used for the individual or group approving the Guide.
  4. Section Number and Date of the Operating Guide . If this document replaces a current Operating Guide, state this information at the bottom of the page (sample: Revised 2/9/2005).
  5. Source Document Number . A number will be assigned to any source document from which the Guide was developed or received authorization. A journal of numbers and a file of the documents is to be maintained in the office responsible for that particular manual. (See 1.0-1.) Sources might include documents such as a State law, Board of Control resolution, Federal regulation or a letter from a governmental official.



Adopted 03/10/81 VP-ABA
Revised 04/04/05 VP-ABA