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Recruitment and Selection Procedures 2.4-1


Human Resources
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Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – EVP-ABA
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Human Resources
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This document is to clarify procedures to be followed in the recruitment process and to ensure a diverse pool of applicants for open positions. Prior to commencement of the recruitment process, the hiring department and search committee (if in existence) must meet with the Special Assistant to the President for Diversity Programs to discuss the Utilization Analysis and details of the recruitment process.

The Recruitment and Selection Process

Recruitment Checklists

Checklists have been developed to assist hiring departments throughout the Recruitment and Selection process. The Faculty Recruitment Checklist (attached) and Administrative/Professional Recruitment Checklist (attached) outline the critical steps of the process and indicate who is responsible for ensuring those items are completed.

Authorization to Begin Recruitment

The Authorization to Begin Recruitment Form (attached) must be completed and approved before the recruitment process can begin. If you are recruiting to fill a new, non-faculty position, you must work with the Human Resource Office to develop a job description and to establish the appropriate classification and pay range for the position. Faculty position requirements and the job description must be developed by the department in conjunction with the Dean and with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Internal Posting and External Advertising of Vacancies

Positions shall be posted internally for a period of five working days and in accordance with any collective bargaining agreement. The Office of Diversity Programs in conjunction with the Director of Human Resources shall consult with the hiring department where the vacancy will be advertised.

Applicant Data Flow

All applicants/applications are to be directed to the Human Resource Office prior to screening or scheduling interviews. Exceptions include Article I (5) of the 1996-99 faculty contract. In such cases, the receiving/hiring department will route the applicant data to the Human Resource Office, so that the application materials will be logged in and the Voluntary Affirmative Action Data Card (attached) will be mailed. Applicant information must be sent to the Human Resource Office within a week of receipt to ensure an timely flow of correspondence to applicants.

Hiring departments are strongly encouraged to utilize the Human Resource Office as the receiving department for all application materials.

After logging in the application material and sending the Voluntary Affirmative Action Data Card, the Human Resource Office will forward all application materials and the log to the hiring department.

Screening of Applicants for Interviews

It is critical that the recruitment process be adequately documented. To facilitate the documentation of the process, standard screening and evaluation forms are attached.

The hiring department shall screen applicants based upon the job description or the faculty position requirements.

It is imperative that applicant files which have been screened and eliminated from consideration be returned to the Human Resource Office immediately to ensure an orderly and timely response from the University. It is our intent to inform persons as soon as possible that they are no longer being considered for the vacancy and to maintain the best public relations possible.

The Director of Diversity Programs must review the files of applicants prior to interviews being scheduled to ensure that a concerted effort to generate a diverse applicant pool has occurred.

The Interview Process

When the department has selected candidates for on-campus interviews, it is recommended that the department (or the Dean in the case of faculty recruitment) mail an informational packet to the candidates. This packet should contain information about SVSU, the department, the Tri-city area, as well as employee benefits and other information that may be important in assisting the candidate to make a career decision.

During the candidate's on-campus interview, the hiring supervisor is responsible for having the candidate review and sign the Pre-employment Certification/Release Form (attached) and immediately forwarding the form to the Human Resource Office. The signed release form will allow SVSU to obtain relevant information concerning the candidate, including past employment, criminal records and to verify educational credentials.

It is the hiring supervisor's responsibility to ensure that the interview process is conducted in a fair and consistent manner with each of the candidates. To facilitate the documentation of the process, standard screening and evaluation forms are attached.

If a candidate would like to meet with a representative of the Human Resource Office to discuss specific benefits or employment concerns, please contact the Human Resource Office to arrange a meeting.

Selection of Candidate for Employment

Upon completing the interview process, the hiring department will conduct a final screening to determine the most qualified candidate.

Part of the final screening process must be an employment reference check utilizing the Employment Reference Check Form (attached). It is the hiring supervisor's responsibility to ensure completion of this form and to submit it to the Human Resource Office.

Prior to extending an offer of employment, the Director of Diversity Programs must review the recommendation to ensure that the interview and selection process has been conducted in accordance with the University's Recruiting Policy.

If the Director of Diversity Programs finds the recruitment process has been appropriately conducted, then a conditional offer of employment may be made to the candidate pending the acceptable results of the background check.

Once the conditional offer of employment has been accepted by the candidate, the hiring supervisor must inform the Human Resource Office. The Human Resource Office will order the approved background checks and relay the information to the hiring supervisor when it becomes available.

Upon receiving the acceptable results of the background check, the Human Resource Office and the hiring department shall work collaboratively to compose the appointment letter. Those candidates who were not selected for the position will be notified that the position has been filled.

The hiring department shall be responsible for making sure that all files and necessary documentation have been processed and returned to the Human Resource Office within ten days of the acceptance of the appointment by the individual.

Expenses Related to Recruitment


Candidates should normally be housed near the campus to minimize travel time to and from SVSU. The choice should also be influenced by cost, and hiring departments should refer to the SVSU website for discounted accommodation rates. When possible, all candidates should be housed in the same facility for equity purposes.

Meals, Beverages and Telephone Calls

It is the responsibility of the hiring department to ensure that the candidate's visit is in accordance with University policies and practices, particularly attached Policy #2.3-1,"Travel Policy & Regulations." Note that the purchase of alcoholic beverages is limited to that consumed with meals.

The scheduling of interviewers for meals with the candidate must be approved in advance by a member of the President's Staff. The selection of those who accompany candidates to meals should be based on participation in the screening process.

A candidate may charge to SVSU one three-minute telephone call to his/her home or office.


A dean or senior administrator is responsible for overseeing a candidate's visit to campus. Candidates are expected to use an economical means of travel to the University for an interview. Travel by common carrier will be reimbursed at the coach or other-than-first-class, round-trip fare. If the candidate desires to stay for a longer period of time, any additional cost to the University must be approved in advance by the appropriate budget manager.

Recruitment Budget Expenses

Expenses incurred in the recruitment process are to be charged to the appropriate department budget using the 5625 object code.


The following checklists and forms are available in the Human Resource Office or by clicking on them below: