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Special Event Parking 3.0-1


Facilities & Property
Authorizing Body:
Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – EVP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Conference Center
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Parking lot construction, maintenance and operational costs are not paid for by the State of Michigan. Users of those facilities must share in those costs. Thus, for events scheduled on campus, charges for the event will include a parking fee.

Additionally, when a major campus event is scheduled at the University, it may be necessary to reserve various parking lots or portions of lots. The final determination as to whether or not a lot is to be closed will be made by the Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs or his designee. Requests to reserve the lot will be made through the Conference & Events Center.

Parking Fee Structure

Parking fees for external special events will be determined on a daily basis as follows:

  1. Non-profit organizations will generally not be required to pay a fee if the number of vehicles is expected to be less than 50.
  2. For-profit organizations where more than 50 vehicles are involved will be charged for the number of vehicles anticipated at 50 cents per space to a maximum of 200 spaces.
  3. Events involving over 200 vehicles per day will be charged $1 per space, or a maximum of $250 per lot utilized, plus any additional out-of-pocket costs involved (e.g.,barricades, parking staff, etc.).
  4. For certain scheduled University events, it may be determined that a fee will be charged to park in selected parking lots.