To expedite flow of work through the Graphics Center and provide equitable service to all campus constituencies. As the volume and complexity of printing requests increases, it is necessary to establish policies and regulations leading to maximum efficiency in Graphics Center operations.

Printing Priorities

Printing jobs for the SVSU Graphics Center should fall into one of the three following categories:

  1. Printing that directly concerns the SVSU community.
  2. Printing for SVSU employees that enhances their professional standing (e.g., monographs and theses) or advances their educational goals.
  3. Printing for SVSU employees who are officers in professional organizations, etc., that relates to their positions with the University, or printing for non-SVSU organizations that have booked facilities through the University Conference & Events Center.

Items listed in categories 2 and 3 above will be printed only if time and the Graphics Center workload permit, and will be subject to a surcharge. Anything that does not fall into these categories will not be accepted for printing.


  1. Printing Deadlines/Turnaround Times
    1. Instant Printing
      Tests, syllabi, memos, leaflets,etc., printed on bond weight paper.
      Same day to three-day turnaround on most jobs.
    2. Offset Printing
    Any printing done in colored ink, quantities over 500, paper sizes over 8 1/2 by 14, high quality printing, multiply carbonless forms, envelopes, postcards, tickets, jobs with photographs, booklets, jobs requiring bindery work (e.g. stapling, folding, trimming).
    1. Offset printing is scheduled each week at 8:00 a.m. Monday. Printing master copy and job tickets should be at the Graphics Center by 4:00 p.m. the preceding Friday to be scheduled for the following week.
      One week turnaround: Jobs under quantities of 5,000 single sheets (or 1,000 carbonless sets).
      Two week turnaround: Quantities of over 5,000 single sheets (or 1,000 carbonless sets), multipage publications, jobs requiring major bindery (e.g., hand collating, spine stapling, comb-binding, punching, padding (gluing), numbering, perforating, jobs with two colors of ink.
    2. Printing jobs turned in to the Graphics Center must be "camera ready" (fully prepared, exactly as they are to be printed).
      Jobs which do not meet copy deadlines or are not fully prepared as detailed in (a) and (b) above will be placed in the Graphics Center schedule and printed before previously scheduled jobs only when workload permits. They will be subject to a surcharge. (See section III, B) They also will be subject to "Printing Priorities" conditions specified in section II.
  2. 2. Pricing/Extra Charges
    1. Colored ink is $10 extra per press washup. If two or more jobs in the same color can be printed the same day, the extra charge will be divided equally between those jobs.
    2. Rush jobs that come in after weekly scheduling has been done, and which cannot be held for the following week's schedule, or that require overtime, will be subject to a 50% surcharge.
    3. There will be a 50% surcharge to the total cost of any job other than regular University printing that directly concerns SVSU. Jobs for SVSU employees who are having monographs or theses printed or who are officers in professional organizations are among those subject to the 50% surcharge.
  3. "Gang" Printing
    1. Letterhead Imprinting. SVSU letterhead imprinting should be limited to twice per calendar year. Each department should evaluate letterhead needs and decide on a quantity for either six months or one year. Imprinting will take place the first week in January and the first week in June of each year. A reminder will be placed in "The Interior" for two issues prior to letterhead imprinting. If a department depletes its supply of stationery before the two scheduled printing dates, personnel must use either blank stationery or stationery with the general SVSU address at the bottom.
    2. Departmental Multi-Ply Carbonless Forms Printing. Each department should order forms no oftener than twice per year. Departments may determine when these forms will be printed. If a unit uses several different forms, the unit head should forward all forms to the Graphics Center at the same time.
  4. Overload Printing Chargebacks
    The central printing budget will absorb the difference between Graphics Center charges and the price charged by a commercial vendor when a printing job is sent off campus because of work backlogs. The amount that the Graphics Center would have charged to do the job will be assessed against the departmental budget (as it would have been had the job been done on campus).
    This regulation applies to instances when there is an unusually heavy work load, absence of the printer(s) due to illness, etc., or other circumstances which result in sending work off campus to meet critical deadlines.

Procedures for Submitting Work to Graphics Center

  1. Prepare Master (original)
    1. Masters for most work should be prepared by department.
    2. Jobs requiring editing and/or graphic design
      1. More complex jobs which require assistance with editing and/or design should be routed through Information Services/Publication Office.
        1. Submit Information Services Request Form.
        2. Consult with Information Services and/or Publications Office regarding needs

    Extra time is required to process work through Information Services. Lead times vary according to complexity of jobs. Ask for an estimate.
    If your printed piece will be distributed off campus, it qualifies for Information Services/Publications Office assistance. Help also is available for some internally distributed pieces.

  2. Attach completed Graphics Center Job (see sample).
  3. Obtain authorized signature for job ticket.
    1. Items classified as "Printing Priority 1" (University) require the signature of an account manager.
    2. Items classified as "Printing Priority 2 or 3" (personal/professional) require the signature of an Executive Committee member.
  4. Submit through campus mail or hand deliver.
  5. Allow sufficient lead time for completion of work.



Adopted 4/1/83 EC MF