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We're Listening at OLLI!

Here's what some of our members are saying . . .

"We're learning that the (OLLI) is an opportunity to stimulate our minds! I see people getting a new lease on life. Very gratifying! Class professors and leaders put it all in a nutshell. I think they enjoy the classes, too. No assignments, no tests or grades. A great way to go! Men, as well as women, are talking about class topics outside the class - even in SVSU's parking lots. 'Did you read this for our class?' Class topics are topics of conversation for us... Wherever I go, I tell people about opportunities to learn at (OLLI) at SVSU!"
-- Beverly Moyer, Midland

"I've always wanted to take a class out here but I didn't want to get thrown in with all the young kids." Marian says she loves taking classes with the Institute. "It's great and you don't have any final exams and you don't have any papers to write."
-- Marian McKinley, Bay City

"I just enjoy our College for Seniors so much! We students even talk about a course session afterward. (OLLI) is an excellent program for seniors like me. I was a mother and homemaker for 33 years. Over time, I picked up 30 course hours at Delta, but never had the time to earn a degree. If you just sit home and crochet, you'll wind up babysitting your grandchildren more than you want. SVSU's program is excellent with costs I can handle - and with so many courses to choose from. The American Hour class was great. And the 'Dig In Israel' class was so neat.
-- Joann Wallace, Midland

"It's been really gratifying to see the growth of (OLLI) at SVSU, and to see 58 people in an Islam class. Other classes we've held had 32, 20, even one had seven students. I watch the beaming eager-to-learn look on students' faces. They're busy taking notes and enjoy asking questions. SVSU is really meeting the needs of our seniors ... A neat bunch of people!"
-- Carl Shafer, Midland