Wednesday, April 8, 2015‌

The Lullabies of Broadway!

Join Jim Hohmeyer and friends for this fun and entertaining monthly meeting.  We’ll travel down the great white way of Broadway from the 1920s to the present with Jim and singers from the Midland Center for the Arts (MCFTA).  You’ll hear showstopping songs from Gershwin to Sondheim in this lively one-hour program.  Jim is the conductor emeritus of the Rochester Symphony Orchestra and the Director of Choral Programs and Music Theatre for the MCFTA.  In 2010, he was the conductor of the Hollywood Concert Orchestra on a national tour with Shirley Jones in A Night at the Oscars.  Dexter and Laura Brigham will be joining Jim on stage.  They are new residents of Midland.  Dexter is the managing director of the Center Stage Theaters and Choirs and Laura is a professional actress and director.  Both of them have been on national Broadway tours and on Broadway.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Michigan’s Ghostly Beacons
Dianna Stampfler, President, Promote Michigan

What is it about lighthouses that attracts ghostly spirits? Maybe it’s simply a passion that will not go away. Lighthouse keepers were known to be extremely dedicated to their profession and it seems that many were never able to give up -- even after death! Nearly two dozen lighthouses in Michigan are rumored to be haunted. From the smell of cigar smoke at Seul Choix Point Light to the mysterious housekeeping at White River Light Station, and the antics at Waugoshance Shoel, these stories will be sure to entertain. Our speaker is Dianna Stampfler, a passionate professional speaker and freelance writer. She is also president of Promote Michigan, a company dedicated to communicating Michigan history, and the wonderful sites and events that the state offers.

Wednesday, June 10

Climate Change and Its Implication for Agriculture
Phil Robertson, MSU Distinguished Professor of Ecosystem Science

Climate change is expected to have major implications for agriculture in the Midwest in general, and in the Great Lakes States and Michigan in particular. Warmer, shorter winters with less snow cover have implications for soil fertility, greenhouse gas fluxes, and agricultural pests. Hotter summers will reduce average field crop yields and affect evapotranspiration. More frequent early spring warm-ups will threaten bud set in fruit crops, and more variable
rainfall will complicate planting schedules and increase soil erosion. In this talk, Robertson will focus on these trends and some of the ways that farming is changing to respond to climate change. Robertson has been studying the biogeochemistry of agriculture and climate change for over 20 years at MSU’s W.K. Kellogg Biological Station near Kalamazoo.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beer 101
Rex Halfpenny, Publisher of the Michigan Beer Guide

The beer revolution is on and most Americans are missing it! In this fast-paced lecture you will be introduced to the history and evolution of beer, from its roots at the very dawn of civilization through the industrial revolution, to the modern renaissance rapidly unfolding today. Topics will include summaries of the brewing process, ingredients used, style diversity, tasting and evaluating beer, and steps to help you successfully participate in the beer revolution. No beer will actually be served. Our presenter is Rex Halfpenny, beer industry writer/publisher, speaker, and nationally certified beer judge.