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Canadian Students - Immigration Information


  • Saginaw Valley will issue each qualifying Canadian student a US Department of Justice Form I-20 (a certificate of Eligibility for nonimmigrant (F-1) student status) at the time s/he is admitted to the institution. This form will allow you to enter the United States as a student in "F-1" status. (Do not leave your home country until you are officially admitted and have received your US Form I-20 from SVSU.)
  • Both SVSU and immigration/border officials will require a financial statement of proof verifying that you, as a student, can cover your expenses for an academic year. This should be a current bank statement showing available funds in a liquid depository account(s) in good standing, and/or a letter from the bank stating that your balance is at least $19,721 US based on 2012-2013 rates (Subject to change with exchange rate and tuition costs). See SVSU's printable Canadian application for additional details.
  • Your F-1 student status (on your US Form I-20) does NOT permit you to work off campus.
  • If you are a landed immigrant (permanent resident) in Canada, not a Canadian citizen, you will need to schedule in advance with the American consulate or embassy for an interview appointment in order to be issued a student visa. You will need to have your I-20 in your possession prior to your interview appointment. Please contact Rebecca Dewald in the SVSU Office of Admissions (800.968.9500) for further information. See also: AND .


On-Campus Employment:

  • Students in F-1 status are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week on-campus during enrolled fall and winter semesters and are encouraged to apply as soon as eligible after admission.

Basic Student Health Insurance:

  • Though strongly encouraged to consider the personal advantages of doing so, Canadian citizens or others who are covered in Canada under Canada's national health insurance are not required to prove student health insurance while attending SVSU classes. However, SVSU does offer through a third-party vendor, an optional student health insurance policy to all international students who do not have full coverage during their stay in the United States.
  • Canadian students are strongly encouraged to provide SVSU with a copy of current policies to verify in their SVSU file that they have full coverage while in the United States.
  • Students who do not have "student" coverage in the US will need to go back to Canada for any illness, injury, or medical emergency that may occur--or pay the full amount in US dollars if treated in the US. Students must ensure basic US health care coverage or accept full risk and full responsibility for any healthcare concerns or expenses which may arise during their stay in the US. (Note: "Travel" and "Visitor" insurance are not the same as "Student" insurance.)
  • Students must sign a form opting either to purchase the basic student insurance or to waive the right to purchase the basic student health insurance offered through SVSU's third-party international health insurance carrier.
  • A basic student policy purchased through SVSU's third-party insurance vendor costs approximately $452 US per semester. (Cost is subject to change without notice.)

Athletic Health Insurance:

  • SVSU varsity athletes are required to carry their own primary athletic health insurance coverage from a source of their choosing. For more information, please call the Head Athletic Trainer at 989-964-7328 or email
  • The basic student health insurance policy available through SVSU's insurance vendor (see above) does NOT include athletic coverage. However, a student who opts to purchase the basic student coverage from SVSU's third-party vendor can also opt to add an athletic rider to his/her policy at an additional cost.

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