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What should I do with my international friend(s)?


You are encouraged to communicate together to determine what kinds of activities you would be interested in doing. We match people together based on the survey you complete and your hobbies/interests, and there are a variety of activities hosted by the university that the Office of International and Advanced Studies encourages you to attend such as:

* Attend SVSU sporting events (Visit Cardinal Athletics for the current schedule!)

* International Education Week

* International Food Festival

* Intercultural Night

* Free movie showings on campus through Student Life

* Recreational Activities with Outside SVSU

* Attend student organization meetings together like the International Student Club (Visit OrgSync to find our registered student organizations!)

You could also:

* Cook meals together or bake goodies

* Practice English conversation or the language of the international student

* Watch professional sporting events together in person, online or on TV

* Take day trips around Michigan

* Go bowling

* Volunteer/Service Projects

* Celebrate holidays and birthdays

* Discuss current events locally and around the world

* See a movie

* Play a board game

* Visit state parks

* Go for tea or coffee…the options are endless!


Faculty members could meet students on campus to discuss academics, research and professional development.


Try to focus on free or low cost activities that are affordable for students.

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